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Woodland's Story

Woodland Whispers came into this world born from a drop of morning dew. She flittered and fluttered until she came across a magical forest. It is said that in this forest the trees have souls, and she found that this was true. However, only the purest of faeries can hear them whisper, and she is one of those few. She knows all that the trees see and all that they think. She is the protector of the woodlands and the woodlands serve to protect her.


Woodland only speaks in whispers. It is said that if you can get close enough to her she may just whisper a secret to you, one of magic and wonder. She is often found surrounded by children, seeing as they are drawn to her childlike disposition. You can find her dancing among them with ribbons and circles of perplexity (hula-hoops). Woodland draws humans with her fairy music which enchants them to delight in her faerie foolery!

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